SOCIAL DISTANCING FURNITURE: The traditional approach to workplace configuration has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The proper social distancing of the office furniture layout, with CDC minimum person to person distances, and vertical sneeze/cough dividers, is now an essential component in workplace safety. Discounts starting at 45% off the list price and includes free shipping delivered to the lower 48-contiguous states. For project business, we offer larger discounts with delivery and assembly nationwide. Review these products: Sit Stand Desks, -or- Office Cubicles, -or- Control Room Desks, -or- Reception Desks, -or- Radiology Desks, For a quote email Tom. Or phone home free to 1-877-550-2678. We will design a layout for your specific needs. Ergonomic Home is an online furniture store since 1997 with 40 + years of office furniture industry experience.
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